Researching the society of brains through Art, Code, Storytelling, the Virtual,
Fiction & the Real. Studied Cognitive Neurosciences (Univ. of Vienna) and
New Media (Acad. of Fine Arts) in Vienna and works now as a Narrative Interaction
Designer, writer and speaker. He is the co-founder of the College of X as well as
the CEO of a studio for Narrative Interaction Design  "Normalum - Mixed Realities” in
Berlin, researching the grey zones in between reality and fiction through storytelling
in different media types and in Live Action Role-Playing Games (LARP).

Trivia: Ex-singer in a new metal band, unicorn in a dystopian world fostering utopian thought &
2nd Dan in Iaido (Japanese sword-drawing) in the lineage of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu.
(for more, see VITA)

Story-game design

I am writing, producing and consulting for story-based games who need external support and a sparring partner. Game-mechanics are often not enough. Good stories ignite, and sell...

Art of doing nothing

We all know times when we feel blocked - we cannot decide but need a break-through. I research idleness as a science anad artform to speed up and realise this process professionally.

Filling the Myth gap

I am consulting in cross-platform strategies using narrative design and transmedia storytelling to help grow interest and organically build social communities for a purpose.


Now, I am a story-game producer, speaker and researcher of narrative technologies and how myths form our hopes & decisions.
  • 2017

    College of X: The Art of Visual Storytelling

    in 2017 I co-founded an educational startup called the COLLEGE OF X, heading it as a director and CEO for 2 years hosting events for Comics, Illustration, Game Design & Animation, Virtual Reality and Storytelling.

  • 2011

    Since 2011 opening doors for the future of storytelling

    Founder and CEO of NORmALUM - Mixed Realities, a Berlin based Transmedia start-up, consulting and producing Story-based games and Transmedia Storyworlds. Special focus building bridges between Europe and the East (foremost China & Japan).

  • 2007

    Studies & first steps till 2007

    Study of "Cognitive Neuroscience" [Univ. of Vienna] as well as "New Media Art" and "Conceptual Art" [Academ. of Fine Arts, Vienna]. Work for advertising agencies [Fastmotion, Das Kommunikationshaus, etc.] and 4 years of running a Video production [Chili-Film].

  • 1992

    Graduating in 1992, with the WWW

    I graduated from high school when the first picture ever was uploaded to the world wide web - Les Horrible Cernettes, a comedy band based at the CERN laboratory in Geneva.



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